Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend update

We had a nice weekend, working hard and looking at paint colors, and fabric, and vanities for the bathroom. Our neighbors, Mike and Amber invited us up for dinner on Saturday night. They came to my house on Friday night. It is usually a communal thing on the weekends in Maryland! This is Mike.

This is his wife Amber. They are from Toas, New Mexico. He has a landscaping business.

A little snackie before dinner.

Nice dinner, she made very spicy white chili, a nice big salad, and pasta with sauce. I brought corn bread, and a shrimp dip. She also had some nice crusty Italian bread. I love their house, it is beautiful and very spacious with lots of light.

This is Patience, their very old dog. She is very sweet, but does not like other dogs

Ping Pong anyone?

This is a view of our house, looking down our driveway, outside of Mike and Amber's house. We have a very steep driveway!


  1. How beautiful! it looks like you get so much enjoyment from your "other" house. Nice to know it just isn't a summer place.

  2. Ronda, looked like a very enjoyable time! I enjoyed all the pictures! Isn't it wonderful to have fun neighbors (all the way from NM)!! Loved their dog of course... xoxo

  3. Thanks for the tag Prep! Yes, I do get a lot of enjoyment out of our house in Maryland. We have had it for 5 years, and each year, I say I might just up and move there. The only thing is it is the BOONDOCKS! But little by little, stores are starting to pop up. Middletown, Delaware is a 15 minute drive, and they have a lot, and no sales tax to boot!

    Ina, the other reason I love it in Maryland is because we are surrounded by fun neighbors! Not one dud within 20 miles! It is almost like a party every weekend in the summer. When everyone cooks, they cook for at least 10 or more. I love it. I do like my quiet time to, though!


  4. Looks like a wonderful weekend!

  5. Hi there. I wanted to say thank you for coming by sometime last week. I love your blog. And your home is beautiful. I just love Maryland and coastal towns. Looks like a great time with your friends. One of my fav things to do too - just get together with friends and eat and cook and enjoy each other.