Saturday, March 7, 2009

Purse Tag for Preppy

This is my new Banana Republic foldover clutch I bought for my trip to Florida this year.

I love the color.

This is my everyday purse I'm using right now.

Checkbook, handwipes, Burberry Parfum, keys, lip gloss, pen, gum, readers, small mirror, hand lotion, Micky Mouse coin purse, wallet for credit cards, bank stub, Stella's Vera Bradley leash, pill box. I have to admit that I did throw out a lot of reciepts, and gum wrappers!

This is my little pill box that Amy gave me for Christmas. Isn't it so cute! It says, "has anyone seen my hormones?"

Pretty uneventful, don't ya think??


  1. Ronda these little peeks are so fun! My hormones left the building long ago!!! I did not see an ugly rubber band tied around your checkbook (like mine)...actually the rubber band holds the receipts in the checbook from my debit card purchases....Stella's leash made me think of mine. They are so old and ratty, and from dogs we had over the past 21 years..... Can't give them up tho. Ginger enjoys chewing on hers while I bundle everybody up for the walk. It is so frayed by now but she is such a little lady when she walks, does not tug or pull like Toby and Jeter!!

    Hey, let's see some wedding pictures and your outfit. Now I am off to see the Iditarod dogs, yay!!! xoxoxo

  2. I love seeing the contents of your bag, it could be mine. Although I do a need a nifty pill box for MY hrt! :)
    Have fun at the wedding, the weather is going to be amazing!
    Spring is almost here, YAY!

  3. Ina, Ginger is such a sweetie, Toby and Jeter are just being boys!

    Wedding pics coming soon.

    Patty, If I find a pill box like that I'll pick it up for you. The wedding was last night. It was low key, but nice.

  4. I normally wouldn't ask anyone to see their purse, but now that Patty started this little game, I hope I can stop myself the next time I'm in the ladie's room! lol... xoxo