Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Better late than never

Father, daughter after dinner kiss.
My brother in-law Bill (the chef.)

Yummy sushi!

Beautiful sunset on the Eastern shore!!

I have had a busy week this week so far, and I feel like it is not going to let up. My Aunt is visiting from Germany, work, housework backed-up, trying to get Stella to go in the snow, funeral of a friend on Thursday, cousin's wedding Friday night--what I'm going to wear, I haven't a clue!! Any suggestions?

I'm trying to keep this blog interesting for my friends, but I feel like I am so busy lately. I just figure if I keep you up to date on family goings on, it will appease you for now. I promise it will get better! But for now, here are some pics from my past weekend in Maryland. We had a nice time, went out and got Sushi on Saturday night and it was delicious. My sister Patti and her husband Bill (who kind of looks like the Boss!), are from New Jersey. He is a chef and they moved to Maryland last year and opened up a little cafe called Galena's Kitchen, came with us to dinner.

I promise Preppy, I will get my assignment done a.s.a.p!!


I don't know what I did to this post, but it is messed up!


  1. No worries, you get to it when you get to it...
    ( how Jersey does THAT sound?)
    He does look like the boss!!
    Have a great week and by the way, we LIKE to hear about your life :)

  2. Ronda your posts are fun!! At least you are trying!! I enjoyed the photos and your synopsis of the weekend. Sushi looked very tasty!!!! Have no clue what to suggest you wear to the wedding..... you will find just the right thing!! Black after 5 PM......Hugs, and enjoy your Aunt's visit!! xoxoxo

  3. Great photos and OMG he boss look like the boss! Can he sing? Enjoy your crazy week, can't wait to hear about your visit with your German grandma. Does she smile?

  4. He does look like the boss! A double bonus he is a chef too! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time- ENJOY!

  5. Thanks ladies. The sushi was delicious, great place right in Middletown, Delaware. My brother in-law is a great chef! Everyone thinks he looks just like The Bruce.
    Have a great night and I'll be back soon with my purse contents. (not much to look at.)

  6. Hey Ronda what's up? Miss you! Ina and the Pack xo