Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This is Dakota, one of the sweetest dogs I have ever came accross. He is the owner of 2 of our very close friends, and have been friends for a long time. Dakota is probably on his last stretch of life. He is 14 years old and is now having a very hard time getting up, walking, or just moving. He is starting to stare at the walls, and that breaks my heart! I just felt like telling someone about Dakota, because he is such a kind hearted animal, that loved everyone and everything! I will miss him so much, as will our whole circle of friends and family!
What a beautiful dog who never showed his age until now.


  1. I say this with love: Dakota is beautiful and looks like she/he has had a wonderful life. Hopefully the family will not let Dakota suffer. My rule of thumb is whenever they quit eating and drinking, and are aged senior citizens, then I schedule a wellness exam and conference with my vet. Kim could probably add to this.

    Dakota looks like a well loved family member and it is a darn shame our dogs do not live longer...... you have a kind heart Ronda. Please tell your friends we care. PS Moosie eats vegetation. It would be hysterical and dangerous if Moosie were another pack member!! xoxo Paw Pats to Dakota

  2. that is very old for a samoyed...unfortunately our beloved 4 legged family members don't live long enough...our feelings aside, we must think of the animals quality of life......have they tried NSAIDS for arthritis?
    he is a beautiful him up while you can...thanks for sharing....

  3. We used to have a samoyed name "Bear" she was the best dog, didnt love a long life but a great dog. Dakota is a beauty!

  4. Thanks for the paw pats Ina, you are so sweet!

    I'll have to ask them if they have ever tried NSAIDS, thanks.

    Yes, they are beautiful dogs!


  5. A very beautiful pup! It is hard coming to this cross road of owning a dog. I agree with Ina our sign the sign of food is no longer enjoyed. We are coming to this road I'm guessing soon. Kelly is 15 yrs or will be 15 yrs she is a rescue. She has dementia and was just put on some meds for it. We won't know if it will take for another couple of weeks. The other day I thought I notice a slight change with her. The nights are the hardest. Sending hugs...