Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mother Nature

She is rearing her ugly horns again today. We were only suppose to have a mix/slush this morning, then change to snow tonight. Well, I left for work and got about 1 mile and turned right around when a van spun and almost hit me head-on. It has done nothing but snow all morning! We will have a break around noon, then about 3:00p.m. another storm is suppose to bring us about 12 more inches. This is looking out my dining room door, we have about 6 inches so far.

Stella is NOT happy, but I have been very accommodating by shoveling about every hour for her!


You know me, I just LOVE to be snowed in and cook!
On the menu today/night is steak with a mushroom gravy.

Along with these.

And this.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm. We still have February to get through. I hope it is kinder and gentler to us than January has been!



  1. Crazy weather! It's 80 here again
    Benny & Lily

  2. Oh my stars. I haven't eaten yet and I'm so hungry!! xo

  3. Looks beautiful! I'll be over for dinner! What time? :)

  4. Be careful that is scary too much snow! meal looks delish! Stay warm and be safe!

  5. Everything smells and looks delicious!!!! I have to say as an Alaskan (and former Jersey Girl) that the East Coast weather has been absolutely crazy this year. My dogs don't mind the snow but they are used to it....At least shovelling is good exercise! Stay safe!

  6. Wow! Everything looks great - the snow and dinner! Keep warm. :) xoxo