Saturday, October 23, 2010

Remember Me?

First of all, here are some pictures of Mexico that I promised. We had a really nice time and it was really great to see my sister. I have had so much going on this month that I really haven't done much on the computer. I have to say I didn't miss it much either. The big news at the moment is my son moved out last week. I have been spending a lot of time getting him set up. He is almost there, just a few more things. He got a nice apartment in a high-rise in Chestnut Hill, one of my favorite places in Philadelphia. I will miss him terribly and I'm still trying to adjust to him being gone.

Here we are out to dinner. Me, sister Susie, friends Lori & Cheryl. We have known them since childhood and they live in Kansas City too.

The resort we stayed at was beautiful! My sister and I shared this room. All you had to do was walk out the sliding door and right into the pool! Very cool.

On the beach there were little huts of stuff people were selling. You can't really see the water, but it was blue and beautiful.

A volleyball game going on in one of the pools.

Here is a picture from the main lobby looking down to the grounds. Very, Very pretty!

Me and my sis waiting for the taxi to take us to the airport. Had a great time, but not so sure I want to go back to Mexico. The resort was wonderful, but when we went into town it was a little too shady for me. I'm just a big baby sometimes.
I hope you all are well, and I miss you all.

Go Phillies!