Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well, Hello There!

HELLOOO and how are you? I'm back and so sorry it took me so long to post! I had a wonderful time! When I returned home, I was swamped at work. It was the LAST week of school and had lots to do to finish up for the summer. Finally, summer is officially here for me. So rather that rush home on Sunday, I decided to neglect my home obligations and just stay put here in Maryland for the week, and snuggle with Stella.
The above photo is the hotel Duc de Saint-Simon where we stayed. It was just so beautiful and charming. Very small and quaint, and met some neat people. If we ever go back to Paris, we will stay here again for sure. I got the stomach bug (bad) the first 2 days, but after that, we made our rounds. Must have walked about 25 miles in 3 days!
I apologize in advance for a lot of pictures. And I warn you, there will be more!

This couple in the middle were here from Canada with his parents. They were very nice, but I don't think they moved from this entrance to the hotel the whole time we were there. They just sat and talked, drank, smoked and read all day!

This was a VERY interesting guy we talked to who comes here for 3 weeks every single year. He lost his wife if January and sold everything he owns, even his car, and just travels. He traded everything he owns into gold. He said whenever he needs money, he just cashes in a gold bar! He says everyone should run, not walk, and invest in gold tomorrow. He claims everything will crash within 10 months. He kind of scared me a little, but had some great stories.

The hotel had winding stairways throughout to get to all the rooms.

This was to get down to the breakfast room.


Sitting area.

This is some of what we woke up to every morning! The milk for the coffee was even warm.

Part of the inside lobby.

On Friday evening we took a boat cruise up and down the Seine River, and had a wonderful dinner. It was just beautiful.

Here we are getting ready to go down to dinner,

The table was set perfectly.

After dinner we went back up to take in all the site seeing. There were lots of pretty bridges.

This is the Palace of Versailles, it is also where Marie Antoinette was beheaded. Beautiful gardens here!

A great view of the Eiffel Tower on our way back to dock. So much prettier when it is lit up!
I have a lot more street, cafes and people watching pictures to show you. Too many for one sitting.
I hope everyone is doing well, and Happy Summer to you all!!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

A bientot mon ami (See you soon my friend).

I can't believe the time is finally here. I leave for Paris tomorrow until next Sunday. I'm so excited and anxious at the same time! I'm leaving my computer at home too, and I think that will be a good thing. I hope you all have a wonderful week, and post slow so I don't miss too much!
I'll post pictures when I return, and hope I don't bore you with too many shots! Wish me luck getting to sleep tonight.
I'll miss you!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quick Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. It flew by for me, but was fun filled as always. I started it off on Thursday in Atlantic City with my 2 sister-in-laws, mother in-law, and niece, Katy. We stayed here at the Trump.

Here is Katy, Sue, Diane and me. I wasn't sure what the rooms were going to be like in A.C. but to my surprise, the rooms were very nice! This is when we just arrived.

A nice dinner before we hit the casino. Didn't win any money. I think I was up about 12.75 at one point, but it was a lot of fun playing. After some gambling, we tried to hit the nightclub, but it was all reserved, and they had some girl dancers that looked like the Pussycat Dolls. We were looking to do a little dancing, oh well. So we went to my mother-in-law's to finish off the night.

We yukked it up for awhile and had a good time and some great laughs.

Cheers to Mom-Mom, and thanks for a great time!

Next stop was Maryland on Friday. Our local store had whole lobsters on sale for $5.99 a pound! So therefore, we had a lobster fest with friends and family.

Part of the crew eating some grub. The weather was beautiful!

My beautiful niece Katy, and #1 son John enjoying the festivities.

Enjoying a beautiful evening on the dock.

Of course Stella and Teddy wanted in on the fun, so here they are getting treated to some steak.


Me and John ending a beautiful evening, after a beautiful weekend!


I don't know what happened, but just click on the last picture. I'm at work on an unknown computer!