Friday, January 7, 2011

More Snow & T.G.I.F.

Happy Friday to all...more snow today, not much about 3 inches. More to come though in the next few days.

Stella checking out the fresh snow, and not a bit interested!

She would rather check out her own customized shoveled area she has.

(Ina, I know you have already seen these)!

Back inside and even more interested in her favorite toy!

Waiting for her treat, for being the sweet girl that she is.

Warm at last....sweet dreams!

Have a wonderful weekend whatever your plans are. I'm laying low and going to bake some more cookies!



  1. Having six snow dogs, I would do anything some days to have a dog like Stella to lounge in the house with me not waiting for me to go out and play in the cold snow with them!! Enjoy it! I love the shovel area for Stella, that is too funny!!

  2. It is chilly willy freezing cold in that white stuff. Bet you are happee to be inside playing with your little stuffie
    Benny & Lily

  3. Wow it looks so pretty! We got another 4 inches today! Sophie has her shoveled area but keeps going under our neighbors tree! 5 minutes of play hours of naps thats my girl MO! Hahaha! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. looks like Stella was happy to be inside!
    she is so cute and playful...isn't it fun to watch dogs play!!
    have a wonderful weekend! and send some of that snow my way!

  5. So pretty outside, just in time for the weekend :)

  6. Ya....more snow for the weekend!!

  7. You are SO lucky! Me...I'm stuck in boring Florida:) My boys would MUCH rather be playing in the snow with Stella!

  8. I cannot even comprehend a snowy yard but it is so beautiful. How do you get Stella to go outside?? How do you venture outside and drive?!? You're so lucky to have real seasons. :) xoxo