Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Hi all! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. I feel like I have been so busy this summer, but I like to be busy. For some reason I decided to take the weekend off from Maryland, and I'm home all by myself with Stella and LOVING it!! It will soon come to an end, and Fall will be here before you know it. This is just a little update on my crazy life for the moment.
I received my AARP in the mail after my birthday in July. That made me feel really special!
I feel like I have been neglecting my house, soooo....

I decided to give this house some much needed attention!

I am here all alone, so I could take my good 0l' time. Watch t.v., clean a room. Read, clean a room. Take a break and eat, clean a room. Walk Stella, clean a room. You get the picture. What a nice nice weekend, I love my family, but gosh dang' it, it was a nice break!! I have one more week, and I'm back to work in the real world!

Remember when I blogged about the Bonanno Sandals earlier in the season, and Ina informed me that I had won? (Thank-you Ina!) Well I finally received them last week. It felt like it took forever! It was worth the wait, because I love them!! I picked the gold ones, and they turned out beautiful.

I hope this pose doesn't offend anybody, but this is Stella's favorite position whenever anyone walks into the room when she is napping. I am tired, and she is waiting to snuggle, so I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I know I am.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

For Ina

I saw this plate and thought of Ina. I just had to pull over and take a picture of it. Perfect plate for the Eastern shore of Maryland!


From my porch to yours Ina. Have a wonderful weekend!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Maine part 2

Here are some more pictures of our trip. We are shopping on Main Street in Bar Harbor. Great little town with lots of nice shops.
Sorry once again for being a no-show lately. We have been so busy, and I feel like we are living with a revolving door this summer in Maryland. It's all fun, but not a lot of down time. All of the sudden, work is starting to look good to me in September.

Just couldn't resist getting this picture of John under the sign of "The Man Store" as he holding Stella's pink leash!

We found this great place on the water to stop for lunch.

Very Maine-like, and smelled wonderful! Lots of stuff to look at on the building.

This was the best part about it!! I just knew this was the perfect place to grab some lunch.

It doesn't get any better than this! The food was soooo good!

The next day, we went for a bike ride through Arcadia Park. It was so beautiful.

Another nice view!

We drove around looking for the cottages we stayed at on out honeymoon 28 years ago. We found them! They almost look nicer now, than they did when we stayed here.

This is cottage # 2 where we stayed. Isn't it so cute?

Memories. Maybe someday we will come back. The price's are great here!

Stopped for some BB-Q on our way back to the hotel. Stella really liked the pulled pork and ribs!

This is a beautiful spot. It is called Thunder Hole, also in Arcadia Park.

We had a wonderful trip. Very, very long drive though when you are pulling a motorcycle.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

First Stop--Blue Hill Maine

O.K. This picture is way out of order, it belongs at the end with the dinner pictures. Silly me can't figure out how to move pictures around, but I wanted to add this one!

Well, we finally made it after a long 13 hour drive. It took a lot longer than we thought. We were pulling a trailer because my husband wanted to bring his motorcycle, and all the pee stops with Stella and us humans, and of course food.
This is a shot from the parking lot of our hotel. (first stop.)

We stayed at a place called Eggemoggin Lodge. It was beautiful and right on the water. This is a morning shot, and is very foggy on the coast of Maine. The dock goes out for the lobster boaters.

Morning breakfast. Yes, it is doggy friendly and welcomes all dogs. Stella had bacon and sausage. We stopped in Blue Hill, Maine for the first 2 days to meet some friends my husband works with.

They had a great view and wanted to take us out on a island. Getting ready to pack-up and go out on the boat. So beautiful!

Here we go, heading out to an island to have a picnic lunch on the beach. I have no idea where we are going! This is the very next morning after we drove 13 hours, and I'm trying to keep a smile on my face.

Here we are on sum-beach, having some cheese and crackers. It was just beautiful. Stella didn't know what to do. There was no grass anywhere to be found! We where there for a few hours, then the fog started to roll in.........we had to pack-up quickly!

Before we left the island beach, I got a picture of "THE SLEEPING GIANT". I know there is a lot of versions of this, but I was told to get a picture!

OH MY GOSH!!!! How cute is this? Have you ever in your life seen anything this cute? I can't even believe that I found this cute little tiny baby, itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, darling little CRAB!!!! (In the sand, on the beach??)

Now off to dinner.

Sandy and Rich put on a fantastic lobster dinner. Rich picked up a bunch of lobsters at a local lobster shack. Sandy is at the end of the table.

Thank-you Rich for a wonderful dinner. Can't get any better than lobster and corn on the cob!

Stay tuned for part 2 & 3.