Saturday, April 10, 2010

Springtime in Maryland

O.K. I fibbed, these first two pictures are from home in Pennsylvania.

Do you know where this spot is? It is where I dug a football sized area for Stella during the blizzard. I snapped these yesterday before heading to Maryland. Beautiful trees.

We are working like dogs this weekend, but I stuck out a few minutes ago to snap a few pics.
Here, my lilacs are starting to pop. Love them!

Sure sign of spring, the first blooms of the season.

The outside here is absolutely beautiful. The inside is an absolute disaster zone.
Hopefully we will have a handle on things by May.

Meanwhile, Stella is peeking down from our bedroom wondering if it will ever be normal around here again. I think I'll take her for a walk now.
Hope your having a wonderful weekend!



  1. Gorgeous trees Ronda! I remember that view of little Stella during your horrible snow! She looks like an excellent Snoopervisor of the doings at the MD house! Lovely view of the water and dock. I am remembering your lovely afternoons lounging there. Soon!!! Don't work too hard!! xoxoxo

  2. Hi Ronda,
    Well, as always little Stella manages to steal the show:-) I love seeing dogs looking down on cute!
    I would give ANYTHING to have a lilac bush. We had them growing up and they were my favorite. Since they don't do well in Florida, I'm out of luck. Thanks for the photo though!

  3. Beautiful Ronda! I love how Miss Stella was peeking over the stairs. xo

  4. Boy when spring hits in your area there is no mistaking it. Absolutely beautiful! Your house may be a mess but remember you only really need the dock, right? Stella is just the cutest little powder puff there is. Are you headed down there again his weekend? Will you send some of that energy out my way?

    PS ~ I could use a good handyman too! Cocktails and noshes provided. ;) xoxo