Thursday, April 22, 2010


Happy Earth-day! Now I want everyone to bend down and kiss the ground you walk on, and thank every waking moment you walk on this beautiful earth. And also have a beautiful weekend!

I also want to say Happy 5th Birthday to little Stella. I let her sleep in today since she has had it so rough over the last few years!



  1. You are such a softy but it's easy to see why because Stella is so adorable. There must be a cocktail for earth day don't you think?? That is your assignment for the day. Report back before 5 PM. ;) xoxo

  2. Happy Earth day to you!
    Thank you mother earth, but please- No more volcano tantrums!

    Stella- happy birthday and many more :)

  3. Happy Earth Day to all and Happy Birthday to Poor Little Stella, the most neglected dog on the planet. Yeah, right!!! Please give her a few kisses and hugs from her Auntie Ina in Alaska. xoxoxoxo

  4. Happy Birthday sweet little Stella! You have just melted my heart with this photo!!!! xo

  5. LOL. That is sooooooooo cute. I love it when doggies look like little people. Nash, the English Bulldog, will sit in a way on the chair with his hind legs in front of him. And with that face he looks like an old man if I just put a cigar in his mouth.