Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sock Burning

It's become an Eastern boating tradition. When day and night are just about equal in length, and springtime's a' coming, boat folks on the Eastern shore decide that they've had just about enough of the cold weather. It's time for their toes to be free and unfettered in the old deck shoes. What to do with those tired winter socks? Throw them in a bonfire, of course, and drink a toast to the warm days to come, and flip-flops!

A few weeks ago when we were in Maryland, we had a little sock burning bonfire nothing too big, just a few neighbors in the community gathered to keep up the tradition. It was short and sweet and a chilly night in March to say bye-bye to Mr. Winter.

Here goes my ugly socks! (A pair of mis-matched from the laundry room)!

Our little fire at one of the neighbors.

Chit chatting and keeping warm.

John, talking with the guys. Notice Ken with his socks in his back pocket? He came prepared!

It was a crisp, beautiful evening. Can't wait for the festivities to begin, and the renovations to end!
Will be heading down tomorrow morning, so I wish everyone a most wonderful weekend!



  1. what a wonderful tradition! i love it! can we burn the old bra's too!? looks like the perfect evening to bring in spring!!
    have a wonderful weekend too dear!!

  2. I love this tradition!!! I would like to borrow this page from your book. I wonder if we are too late this year to do it.
    Kim- LOL... old bras that is a good one! Reminds me of this bar- the only way to the bar is by boat it is in the middle of the fox river and ther are bras hanging from the ceiling. EEKS.. all I could think of was all the dust they are holding. Happy weekend my friend! xo

  3. Joyce, it's never too late to say goodbye to old man winter!

  4. What a charming tradition. I love it! Have a beautiful weekend. :) xoxo

  5. Great tradition and a super way to get rid of those old, holey and socks missing their mates! We are still saying goodbye/hello/goodbye to winter but winter is losing its grip... I am almost ready to put the summer tires on the old jalopy!

    don't work too hard, but work steadily. You have lots to do, I am sure! xoxoxo

  6. Hah, that's a great tradition!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Last year, my boss was crazy enough to let me create a program around sock burning to kick off the paddling season. Now, it is a tradition at York River State Park.