Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Just passing through to say hello and wishing warm thoughts to all of my friends. I haven't had my computer for two weeks now, so it has been hard to post.

So I wanted to show you my favorite Christmas present this year. I had a very nice Christmas this year. My kids bought me the cookbook I have been wanting for awhile, and they got me a very cute warm jacket for the winter.
But this is what my husband got me, and I love it!!

The Le Creuset cast iron round French oven.
Size: 7.25 quart
Color: Caribbean
BEAUTIFUL is all I can say!

I wonder what I will whip up this weekend?



  1. I work at Williams Sonoma... they were a "hot" item this Christmas... a classic piece you'll always LOVE. I love mine, always on my stove top! Enjoy it.

  2. Gorgeous! I want one! Hope your computer is fixed soon!

  3. beautiful!! let us know what you whip up this weekend!

  4. I love Le Creuset!! Great pots (and weapons-they are so heavy). I have a Le Creuset pumpkin pot. It is adorable. This weekend I am making a big batch of White Bean and Kale Minestrone soup. Sorry about your computer. What is wrong with seems to be out of commission "forever"! xoxo

  5. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine is red and I wish I can leave it on the stove but we just painted one kitchen wall a burnt orange and that would just clash. Hah.

    Have a great weekend my friend!!!!!!!!!!