Friday, January 29, 2010

Boxer Love

If anybody knows me, they know the love affair I have with Boxers. I was raised with them when I was growing up, and we had one while my kids were growing up. Her name was Baily. We had a wonderful life with her until she got cancer at 7 years old. My daughter is allergic to dogs, so I couldn't get another. (That is why we now have Stella, she is non-allergetic.)
A friend of mine has this beauty above, her name is Bella. She is so beautiful.
Meet Lucy, her baby. She is the cutest thing I have seen in a long, long time!

Nothing like a mother's love.

Lucy getting to know her new family. Bella is looking at him thinking, "you better be careful with my baby!"

Bath time! Isn't she ADORABLE?!!!!

Nap time.

Sleep time.
These two really make me miss Baily, they are so beautiful. Don't you think?

Happy Friday everyone, and have a wonderful weekend!!



  1. Bella and Lucy are so cute!!!! I love boxers too. We had one in our neighborhood until recently. Yes, Max finally left us :-( He was a sweetie...rescue dog who had been abused and lost all his teeth. He gave GREAT kisses:-)

  2. OMG, i haven't seen anything cuter in a long time! i love boxers, had four at one time about 25 years ago...wonderful dogs!!!
    give them a big kiss for me...great pictures!!

  3. This post is off the charts for cuteness! Looks like Bella is a fantastic mother. I hope and pray Lucy has a good home with people who will adore her, she is just adorable!! I too love boxers. When I was a little girl my grandma had a boxer, Duke. Duke was my buddy! We shared ice cream, and everywhere Duke was, so was I. And of course I think Saebo, Amy and Craig's boxer is so sweet... xoxo

  4. I think they are adorable, puppies kill me!
    I do think that stella is off the charts for cuteness too :)

  5. OMG Ronda, I want one!!!!!! I said just this past weekend no more dogs because our house is being run by the bulldog and llasa BUT they are GORGEOUS. Hubs loves boxers too and it was a toss up between that and the bulldog.