Monday, April 6, 2009


I really had an uneventful day today, other that work. I'm tired, and have a headache, and am a little cranky. But, as I was cooking dinner tonight, I was thinking I wish I was alone on an island for a day or two. Then, I started thinking, what if I got stranded.If you got stranded on an island, and could have 5 things, what would they be? It could be anything you wanted, but only 5.

I can think of 3 right now. My first 3 would be, good crusty bread, good cheese, good wine.
(O.K. this is a fantasy, so we could have an endless supply of our 5 things!)
I'll think about my last 2 things, and get back to you.
What would your 5 things be?


  1. my computer with wireless service, my camera, a few books, a lighter, ok! wine...

  2. Love your header! Did my advice help?

    Stranded? Only good if I have my computer, sushi, wine, sunday new York Times, Vanity Fair, and pics of my fam!

  3. oops, that was more than five. OK the paper and mag will be considered reading material and now equal 5!

  4. My Computer with wirless service thats 1
    Cold Drinks -2
    Comfy Bed-3
    Good Book-4
    Gorgeous 22 year old ( hee hee Like I could handle that!)Scratch that!
    Maybe my hubby need someone to put lotion on my back!

  5. You are all so funny! A lighter is a great idea.
    Preppy, yes, you did help! Sushi sounds wonderful, but if you think about it, you can catch your own! Pics of family is a good one.
    A bed is good, so is hubby, I really have to think about my last 2. I'm trying to decide if a computer is really needed, but I think it might be!

  6. OK. My 3 dogs, laptop (wireless service) and my iPhone! Easy!!!!

  7. Too cute! I would take Kelly, my pillow and comforter, wine and my phone ONLY for me to call someone to pick me up when I was ready to come home! xoxo

  8. Oh Ina and Joyce, I guess I'll take my phone and Stella for my last 2 things! So I would bring:
    -Good crusty bread
    -Good cheese
    That is my 5 things!

  9. Hmmmm.

    Healthy snacks