Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick Hello!

Just passing through to say hi, and I hope everyone had a great day. My daughter is house/dog sitting for some friends of ours, tonight and through the weekend. She asked me to come and stay with her tonight. I figured since it was the first night, and I'm not doing anything, I would bring a movie over and keep her company. She is on her own the rest of the weekend. I rented Marley & Me. Wonder what that's about? I'll get some pictures of their 2 dogs. Have a nice night.


  1. enjoy the movie! i haven't seen it, but read the book...look forward to seeing the hounds..

  2. That's nice...mother-daughter movie night. I love how you posted a simple "hello" on your blog. Thank you!

  3. have fun bring tissues I cried alot at that movie I loved it though.

  4. Kim, The hounds are coming soon.
    Suzanne, yes, somedays are just going to be a simple hello. I feel like I am always so busy lately, but always thinking about the blog world. I don't know how you all do it so well, but you do. I feel like I want to stay in touch, so a simple hello will have to do somedays. (a lot lately.)
    Frau, yes I did cry!

  5. a simple hello back to you too! I love how your daughter still needs her mom!!
    See you soon as I get settled back home. xoxo