Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm Home!

We are back from a wonderful sunsational 10 day trip from sunny Florida. The weather was a perfect 70-82 degrees every day. It was so nice to get a good dose of sunshine, and get away from this cold, gray weather. I only wish I could have posted on a daily basis, but we had a hard time with the Internet down there. Plus, it was nice getting away from the keyboard for awhile. I'm still getting used to posting pictures, and comments. How come when I write something and post a picture, the picture comes out on top? I want to type something, then post a picture, what gives?? I'll give it a try, I might just have to make a bunch of posts.

Anyway, we started our trip in Sebring (close to Orlando) to watch my brother-in-law race. He is in the Porsche Club, and races in different places. This is Rick above with his car. He came in 3rd place, out of about 25 racers. Not too bad. It was neat to see him race, but it is not my cup of tea.


  1. If I want to write something on top of a picture, I position the cursor ABOVE the picture then hit the ENTER button, you should see a space where you can write something....


    You can get the blank page BEFORE you write the blog and BEFORE you upload a picture.... hit ENTER a few times and you SHOULD get some space above the uploaded picture. Just a thought.

  2. I post my pics first, then make space between pics and insert what I want to write.

    Welcome back RONDA!

  3. Thank-you Ina and Preppy. I think I got it, sort of....Good to be home.