Thursday, February 19, 2009

Florida cont.

Okay, I'm going backwards, but this is my friend Betsi on the left and my sister-in-law Diane on the right. Betsi and her husband rent the condo in South Beach for 3 months each year, (LUCKY.) She has the cutest little teacup poodle, Porsche, who is such the little princess!

This poor dog! A man on a bicycle was riding around Ocean Drive with his dog and people were dropping dollar bills on the sidewalk. The dog is trained to pick up the money and put it in the bucket. It was very windy that day and the money was going all over the place. I got scared when the money blew out into street and the dog went after it. He does this everyday. It is child abuse in my eyes!!

Poor baby.

This is a picture of John and I at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in Miami. James Deering (John Deer) built this house between 1914-1916 for his girlfriend and she dumped him! It was beautiful! All the stonework in the gardens is made out of coral.

Miami Beach was so beautiful. This was the back of our friend's house on his dock. This was our second stop. Matt Damen lived 3 doors to the right, and Ricky Martin was 2 doors to the left!

South Beach view from Betsi's condo they were renting. I got to see where Bird Cage was filmed, and Verssace's, and below is a picture of a car with Humphrey Bogart in the front seat. It is parked in front of Cassablanca's. I loved this town!

The very famous Joe's Stone Crab's----YUMMY!!


  1. Welcome home Ronda and very nice pictures!! That poor dog!! Not Porsche... But the poor dog looks like he/she is well cared for, ... still....

    Interesting story about the John Deere house. He probably deserved to get dumped!!

  2. I know, I really didn't elaborate on the story. I'm sure you can google it if your really interested in it! How are YOU doing??

  3. Good for you! A lot of people go down to south Florida and just park themselves by the pool or on the beach, you really got around. I am in agreement about the dog, doesn't seem right.