Friday, February 6, 2009

Countdown to Florida

I leave Sunday for Florida for 10 days. We are flying into Orlando and renting a car and driving to Sebring Racetrack to watch my brother-in-law race and spending the night. Then on Monday, we are driving to Miami, and I can't wait! We will spend a few nights there, go out on the town, go to the famous Joe's Stone Crab....

Then, on Thursday, we are driving to Naples to visit some friends and spend a few nights with them. Then we will end our trip in Marco Island at another friends house. Then it will be back to reality. I am already missing Stella! (I'll miss my 2 kids too!). I'll keep you posted on our adventure.



  1. Have a great trip and PLEASE bring some sunshine and warmth back up north.
    great illustration by the way :)

  2. Have fun and enjoy the sunshine for the rest of us!

  3. NICE!! And I am glad you cleared up the Blogger mystery!! Have lots of fun (and sun).. although Florida is not looking particularly warm either... xo

  4. I know, but it's suppose to worm up next week!

  5. have a wonderful time...look forward to your adventures on your blog!