Saturday, May 15, 2010

Renovation Update

Well, we arrived in Maryland on Thursday for our weekend crunch on our almost last leg of the renovation.
We made a stop at Loews for a few things, and Stella couldn't get to the house soon enough.

This is my daughter Amy's room before.

The first thing I want to say is I'm using an old camera, and it does NO justice to the beautiful colors we painted the walls. Her room color was called "Heavenly Blue". A beautiful aqua blue/green, but more blue than green. So pretty. Please note that these are not the finishing photos, as you can see.

No artwork or pictures yet. I wish you could see these pillows. The turquoise with the brown is really sweet! I was just happy to get a bed made at this point! All of the trim throughout is bright white, which I love.

This is the new bathroom we put in my Mother-in-Law's/guestroom.

The tile work turned out absolutely beautiful! I love it! As you can see, almost done.

My son's/guest room before.

O.K. Don't jump to conclusions, the doily is GONE! My Mother-in-Law put it there, and it was quickly removed. The furniture is old and will be replaced, but the bedding is new. I felt like a crack addict last week at Bed Bath and Beyond trying to find something warm and neutral (for this friggin' golf outing). This is all I could come up with for the moment. Besides the creases on the quilts, it looks just alright. The flooring is just gorgeous, and the brown/taupe walls with the white trim are saving me right now.

Hallway before. Son's room to the left, daughter's room, and Mother-in Law's room to the right.

Finishing touches. Beautiful color on the walls called "Guesthouse", by Benjamen Moore.

You can't see the painting hanging at the end of the hall, but it amazing! We found it when we were in Key Largo, Fla. It is called "Reversed Sushi". A fish, fishing for humans! Love it!

Stella got bored and went looking for her friend, Lovey. She is not usually a socially girl AT ALL. I did find time to let her roam for a bit yesterday.

For once in her life, she was in a playful mood. I guess Lovey wasn't.

Here they are looking at my hubby starting up the John Deer.

Time for some beauty rest, and I couldn't agree more.
I will have some final pictures soon, not that you care, but you don't have a choice! This has been my life lately, and I'm ready for a break.
I came home early (Saturday), and it feels soooo good to be home a day early.
Good golfing honey, and don't let that ball hit you in the ass!



  1. The remodel is beautiful! Love those pillows! Stella is so cute....

  2. That is a lot of hard work! L O V E the colors in all the rooms with the bright white as accent. The shower is stunning! Glad you bailed out of that weekend, am happy for you!! SERENITY NOW!! (Seinfeld episode).... xoxoxo PS Stella's friend, Lovey is adorable, as is little Stella! xoxox

  3. Wow! WOW!! Everything turned out so pretty! The bathroom OMG....awesome job! Love all the colors of paint!

  4. Yay! Blog Hop!

    Great music! Your renovations look awesome!

  5. Beauty sleep is the best!

    Blog hoppin it up this morning. You have music on your blog! That is barkin awesome.

  6. Hi new friends
    What a purrty house. But Amy needs to clean her floor. BOL
    Benny & Lily

  7. Oh my gosh, you have been busy!!! Everything looks great. The colors are amazing...I especially love the "guesthouse".
    But best of all is Stella tucked in bed. Precious!