Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Thursday/Friday to Me

Hi all, long time no talk! Too busy of a week to feel guilty about not posting. I've been keeping up with you all, and miss you. I'm taking a half day at work today and heading to Maryland. My husband's golf outing is on Monday. About 15 guys will be staying at our house (friends from high school). He planed it this way, so we could get a rush on our renovation. I wasn't happy about this either! So, as we near the end, whatever is not done this weekend, he will have to live with until after the "golf outing"!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the weather, and most of all, enjoy your life and your loved ones!!



  1. I love that you guys are so outgoing and have a fun life. Love it!!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy even if things are not as done as you'd like!

  2. Have a great time my friend. You know we will be here for ya. xo

  3. Hi Ronda,
    Never ever ever feel guilty about not posting. I do that enough for both of us:-)
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend. I know you wish you were done but you will have such a great time with your friends, right? Wish I were headed up to must be SOME hostess!

  4. Sorry you have been so busy you have been missed.

  5. Why don't these guys just stay nearby at a hotel or better yet, get this crowd to finish up the renovation! Even better yet, YOU go to a posh resort and spoil yourself. Does not sound like my kind of weekend.... Gosh I sound grouchy, don't I!!!! I will now resume nice thoughts ....... xoxoxo