Saturday, February 6, 2010


Well, that's what they are calling it, Snowmageddon for the East coast.
This is the 10/12 sq. foot pallet I personally shoveled out for Miss Stella every 4 hours for 24 hours.
If you don't keep up with it, it can overtake you! They say the total snowfall for this area was 26.7 inches. That is no chump change. We are only use to 2-4, or maybe 6 inches at a time. This picture was taken before it was all over.
Luckily, my wonderful son was with me to dig us out of this mess.

Here we are looking out the back door to the patio. This is my son's portable Weber. There has to be at least 18-20 inches so far. I don't like it one little bit either.

This is out the sliding door of the dining room. It is up to the floorboard.
I love the words the news people use....crippling. I guess it is true, when you are not use to a lot of snow. It is not crippling to me, I was prepared, I choose to be home for 2 days.

I do have to admit that it is very beautiful though! I have everything I, plenty of food, and shelter to keep us warm.

Have a fun Superbowl Sunday if your partaking!



  1. Wow, the snow is so pretty! But I am SO glad I moved back to California ;)

  2. wonderful snow pictures! I admire your handiwork for Princess Stella! For my little ones (and one big one) I dig a pathway around the 4 corners of our yard and I agree, one must stay on top of it! I personally had to shovel the paths twice today.... At least your snow is an exciting adventure for a short time, we have months and months of it...... I did my grocery shopping Saturday afternoon and was too tired to make my pot of chili for Super Sunday, but hopefully will recoup my energy tomorrow... or maybe we will have hot dogs!!! xoxo

  3. staying put is the best thing to do during crazy snow storm! yes, beautiful indeed and you are safe and warm....
    i bet Stella is wondering what the heck all this white stuff is!?
    great sunday to you!!

  4. Hi Rhonda,
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  5. I stopped by from Pink Martini's blog. Nice to meet you! I'll have to stop by often and check out your recipes. I always need some new ideas!

  6. It really lived up to its name! And I'm not complaining, because we didn't see a flake! :)

  7. beautiful snow photos- I love how you shoveled out the space for Miss Stella. xo

  8. Holy cow. That's a lot of snow! Cute in a way how you shoveled that area for Stella. Never really had to think of that.

    Oh sugar, my post today didn't update on your blog for some reason???

    Have a great weekend!