Monday, February 15, 2010

New Technology

This is a picture of my great-niece, Peyton. (Is that what I would call her?)
My niece Kelli is in labor as we speak. This is an ultra sound of Peyton. Maybe I am just out of the loop, but I don't remember ultra sounds ever looking this clear! There was another cute one of her sucking her thumb. When I saw this, I just thought how technology has gotten so much better. Maybe this normal to everyone. But like I said, I have been out of the loop for a long time!

This is Kelli and Cody at the hospital this morning. She is a week overdue. They admitted her last night to induce labor. Peyton is being suborn, so they just broke her water about an hour ago. This is my sister Susie's daughter, who lives in Kansas City. I will be going for a visit in a few months to meet Peyton!
I'll keep you up to date. I can't believe my sister is going to be a grandma! The first for us siblings. So exciting!

Have a great day!


  1. Wow I have never seen a ultra sound that clear! Amazing! I hope everything goes smooth and you will be Great Aunt Ronda soon.

  2. I've never seen anything like this. Remarkable!

  3. That image is incredible. Does it take the anticipation out of meeting your child for the first time and seeing what he/she looks like? I would be curious to know. Looks like the Pectocin or whatever they are using to induce has yet to kick in by her smiling face. :) Congratulations to mom and dad and to the grandparents and great-aunt! What an exciting day for all! :) xoxo

  4. Hey Ronda,
    That is amazing! I didn't know we had come this far with U.S either...already a cutie and not even born:-)
    By the way, your crab bisque sounds amazing from the other day. Crab is my all-time favorite:-)
    One more thing...I might be in Maine this summer! My daughter might dance up there for 5 weeks and since you know I could never just put her on a plane...I would have to personally bring her! lol

  5. I love Maine. That is where we had our honeymoon. Get lots of lobster when you go. I would love to come meet you but last time we drove, it took uo 13 hours! There was a lot of construction and traffic this time around.

  6. Hey Ronda! in response to your dental question....your little Stella could get a dental anytime, ...of course they would like to see her every six months. frankly, i don't do dental procedures on my dogs unless i think there is a tooth that needs might be a good idea to get her checked out...the smaller the dog, the worse dental disease they have! i have never given my goldens a dental.....even though they could use it...the teeth will look the same 6 months later! brushing will only help if the teeth are clean and you do it everyday!! and dentals ain't cheap!...but, having said all that, bad teeth can cause heart issues get her mouth checked out, esp if you think she needs some pulled...she'll be a lot happier...

  7. This looks so cool! Did baby girl Peyton arrive? How is mommy, baby and grandma doing? We will need an update photo soon. Congrats Aunti R!! xo