Thursday, November 5, 2009

Start Planning Now

It's that time of year again! Don't wait until the last minute, like I do sometimes, start now and it will make things a lot less stressful. My baking has officially begun, and I'm starting to get a little excited. I'm sure this will come to a screeching halt as it gets closer, but for now, I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. I hope some of these tips help you get motivated if you are hosting this year!

Start planning your Thanksgiving Day celebration today to avoid any bumps and stumbles down the road. Here are a few things to consider doing this week:

  • Decide on your menu. What do you want to serve? How many guests will you have? Tailor your dinner to what you can reasonably manage based on your skills, kitchen space, and finances.
  • Assemble your recipes, and write out a grocery list.
  • Double-check your kitchen equipment. You’ll need: a thermometer, butcher twine, casserole dishes, bowls, serving utensils, and a roasting pan with a rack. Do you prefer to carve with an electric knife? Make sure it’s in good working order.
  • If you’re planning to cook a fresh or heritage turkey, order now if you haven’t already done so.
  • Plan your table settings. Make sure you have enough flatware, silverware, and glasses. Iron table clothes and napkins. Make arrangements for flowers. Will you need more chairs or a kids’ table? How about decorations and candles? Assemble and store everything.
  • Sharpen your knives.
Have a wonderful Friday!



  1. If it was Christmas coming up then I would be planning and writing and shopping already but I do not do Thanksgiving at my house. But you're right, now is the time to get ready.

    I'm actually going to start getting the house in order for Xmas!!!!!

  2. P.S. Have a great time in MD!!!!!!!!

  3. Always good to have reminders no matter how long we've been doing this. Thanks! Something usually gets over looked. Have a great time prepping for the big dinner. I'm sure Stella will be by your side. xoxo

  4. that's one big ass turkey! thanks for the tips...
    have a great weekend!

  5. Kim took the words right out of my mouth!! Too funny! They don't celebrate Thanksgiving here. Hubby works that day and Katelyn has school! We might go away for the weekend, can't really find all the fixins for a turkey dinner here! Enjoy! and Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Never too early to plan. Everytime I think of starting to plan I have to remind myself Thanksgiving will be on the beach this year. Have a golden weekend. xo

  7. Wow the turkey in your picture would not fit in my oven!! Yes, I have begun to put my thoughts to the menu. We are having a small group of 6 this year (one of which is a vegetarian) but it will be super duper easy!! I am very relaxed about it!! xoxoxo Hugs to Stella too!!

  8. now, I am so hungry! have a great weekend :)

  9. The picture is a joke. It wouldn't fit in my oven either!

  10. Rhonda, love the up coming seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas, and yes I would love to be able to cook a Turkey that "big" and feed the multitudes,hehehe