Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend was pretty quiet for the most part. Did a lot of relaxing and cooking. Stella is just hanging out with John.

John Sr. decided to take a dip with Stella. She was NOT happy. Look how skinny her legs are when they are wet!

Amy and I just talking.

Another beautiful sunset.


John and brother-in-law, Bill.

Every morsel picked out! They were so good.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
Happy Monday!



  1. wow! looks so good! never had crab like that! so when are you going to start? ya know, my personal chef! :)
    great pics, looks like my kinda weekend!

  2. OMG paradise! Love your pictures, sunset was gorgeous! Crab yummy! You all look so relaxed. Stella doesn't like to swim. Sophie loves swimming but hates baths. We have a pool at our Utah home and she was always jumping in. Have a great Monday!

  3. Looked like my kind of weekend!!!

    Cute pictures of you all!!

  4. Yet another perfect weekend. You are going to save me a lot of money this summer by letting me live vicariously through your lake retreats. How do you eat crab like that? Are those the famous MD blue crab I always hear about? And look how glam you are just sitting dockside! Where are WE going next weekend? :)

  5. This is my kind of weekend! xoxo

  6. Kim, come on down--I would love to be your chef!
    Frau, thats funny, Stella likes baths.
    Hi Ina, thanks.
    Mar, it was a perfect weekend. Yes, they are the blue crabs. You steam them, then clean them and pick out the meat. Kind of like eating shrimp or lobster. You have to get your hands dirty, but it's worth it!
    Hi Joyce, mine too!

  7. You had me at steamed crabs. LOVE those SO very much!!!!!! Those and a beer and hanging with friends make for a perfect time.