Saturday, May 16, 2009

Treasure Finds

Today, I went to a big garage sale/rummage sale at a local church. There was so much "stuff" inside and out. I found a few things, more than I really needed, but who has enough "stuff" right? I posted a lot of pictures, so please bear with me. There were some good things outside, but on the inside, that was where all the gems were!

Table after table of goodies.

More goodies.

Remember these old round chairs? I didn't buy them.

Now this beauty was only $10.00!! I must have walked by it 4 times. I have absolutely no where to put it, so I passed on it. Boo hoo. It even had all the hardware and handles on the inside.

Lookie, lookie what I found Ina!

Why I liked these metal pineapple candle holders, I have no idea, but I just do.

I love anything vintage. These old glass ashtrays are beautiful!

For some reason, I really liked this metal dish. It's pretty.

I just had to have this dip tray (it is one piece.) Complete with dip recipes from the 50's or 60's printed on the inside, and trimmed in gold. Made in the U.S.A.

I fell in love in love with this old pan with brass handles.

And copper bottom.

This is my FAVORITE find of the day. A big, very heavy, glass serving bowl.
Can't you just picture potato salad, or anything else, in this beauty?

Also trimmed in gold.

As I was leaving, I started having withdrawals. What ever possessed me to buy this old desk, is beyond me! It is from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, and was in perfect condition. Only $10.00 and is solid oak, and a beautiful color. Don't ask me where I'm going to put it, because I have no idea! It is pretty comfortable too.
All in all, it was a nice morning, and I found some new treasures. Now, all I have to do is find homes for them!
Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. Ronda OMG I love all your finds, I spotted something I collect on one of the tables it's killing me! Love the desk chair make it a plant holder or something, it's gorgeous. Fun I want to shop with you!

  2. What was it that you spotted?? I can go back tomorrow and see if it still there! Tomorrow is bag day--$2.00 and fill anything in it!!

  3. I would have bought that desk for $10 as well - if nothing else it's a conversation piece!

  4. You scored big!! Loved everything you took a picture of.... and.....can you hear me screaming in Alaska? You found the glass juicer!!!!!!!!!!! I am sitting here typing with Jeter (the dog) in my lap and can only say WOW!!!! And I love the big bowl and the chip and dip, very cool pieces!!!! Let's e mail each other about that juicer...... xoxo

  5. Ronda you are so nice, but that is okay I would be impossible to get here...Germany! Sometimes the thrill of collecting something is the hunt. I never really shopped those kinds of places in Utah so now atleast you have opened my eyes to really good treasures. Thanks have a great Sunday.

  6. What fun! Have you ever been to Brimfield? I've always wanted to go since 'Martha' introduced me to it. Again, no one does antiques like the eastern part of the US. sigh. You live in the greatest part of the country!!

  7. Hey Ronda I am so sorry for not visiting sooner. I LOVE all of your treasures!! Great ones. I adore the desk/chair and the dresser you passed on. Your juicer is neat too! EVERYTHING is super!! Thanks for sharing. xoxo