Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter Update

Just a little update, not much going on lately since Thanksgiving. It has been cold and snowy this week, so Stella is ready to put her lambskin on and face the music. She is more of a sun goddess, so she is not too happy.

The day after Christmas, we took a drive down to Maryland to check on our kitchen renovations. We are in the beginning stages, so hopefully it will be done by the Spring. (weather permitting). This is just hours before the snowstorm. We were only here for about an hour, then drove home to get snowed in.

Here is the addition on our kitchen. The foundation is poured and the framework is started.

A mess right now, will keep you updated.

This is Pickle, he was a visitor we had for Christmas eve/Christmas day. Stella wasn't too happy in the beginning, but she started warming up to him when it was time for him to go home 24 hours later.

This is Pickle's owner, and Amy's friend Bob. Bob is very fond of Pickle, and vise verse!

Amy, Bob and Pickle. (Don't you just love that name)?

Christmas morning. We gave the kids Eagles tickets for Sunday night football. Don't you know it got snowed out! It got pushed up to Tuesday. It is the first time there has ever been a Tuesday night game since 1946!! So tonight they are at the game.

Christmas morning treats for the pups before I start making breakfast.

In between holidays, we went to my husbands niece's wedding. It was a nice night out and perfect because it was on a Friday night, so we still had Saturday to relax!

I hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays and I just want to wish each and everyone you

A Very Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!



  1. Sounds like you guys had a great holiday. We love your pink coat. Stay warm. Can't wait to see the addition on your house
    Benny & Lily

  2. Love the name Pickle awesome name! So cool you are doing a addition on your lake house I can't wait to see more! Hope you have a wonderful New Year and rest of your holiday break!

  3. Oh gosh long distance construction! Keeping tabs on deck work attached to my house is something so I can only imagine how it must be to worry about things going on way beyond just being able to pop over.

    Everyone looks gorgeous at the wedding! Happy New Year Ronda! Give little Stella a hug from us! xoxo

  4. hey girl! so good to hear from you..i missed you!
    glad you're having a wonderful holiday season!

  5. Pickle's ears remind me of our Bo's ears. Do you think they could be related?! I laughed to hear about Miss Stella sharing her home with Pickle. Looks like you have been busy. Happy New Years my friend and wish you only the best of 2011! xo

  6. Ronda, just wanted to come on over before tomorrow night and wish you a wonderful weekend and one of the best years ahead filled with happy memories and radiant health. You make blogging fun! :) xoxo