Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Birthday re-cap

I apologize if this picture offends anybody, but today is my birthday and I can do what I want! I just wanted to let you know that this is what I did today (well this afternoon), and figured I would show Stella instead of me because that might be a little too graphic. The only strenuous work I did today was getting my nails done and driving down to Maryland. (And unloading 12 bags of stuff from my car in 95 degree heat). So this is me, having a glass of wine, winding into my 50's, and getting ready for a hot, steamy, busy weekend!

I hope you all have a great one!!


  1. If that is not an image of living a relaxed, carefree life, then I don't know what is!! Love it.

    Happy birthday...celebrate it into the weekend!! xoxo

  2. Ronda...Happy Birthday! It's not midnight yet so I think I made it in time:) Stella looks so content...hope you are too...happy and content! ( would be nice too!) Can't wait to hear about your time in Maryland.

    Thank you for your sweet words today. it's been quite a I don't care to repeat.

    Thanks also for telling me all about Paris. because of you, I finally got moving and booked it!

    Anyway, have an amazing birthday weekend!

  3. Oh my gosh! Here is was talking to you and didn't even know! I checked my dashboard this morning and that was it. Happy Birthday, my friend! Like Suzanne, I am using the time clause and it's not midnight yet here either! I feel so badly I did not know. Have a great day tomorrow. :) xoxo

  4. offended? NOT! :)
    happy birthday dear!!! you don't look a day over 5, oh wait, that's Stella!

  5. Happy Birthday ! I hope you had a great day! How's your summer going? I imagine you are having a blast at your lake house. We are slowly settling in still waiting on our stuff from Germany but hope it will be here soon. I love Stella picture ah! The life of our pups! Take care xo

  6. Happy Birthday Ronda!! July is a great month for birthdays, isn't it? Fifty and Fabulous!! xoxoxo