Sunday, February 1, 2009


Does anyone have anything they just can't part with? Well I do. I can't part with this thick, fluffy, oversized, Olive Green, "Blanket" that Stella is snuggled into. I have to admit, it is so warm, SOFT, and not to mention, big. I'm sorry to say, they don't make blankets like they use to. I just love this UGLY thing!


  1. Ironically this week at my OFFICE of all places, we ordered 6 Snuggles!! They look pretty ugly too, but we are all excited! I think GREEN is one of the colors.

  2. One of my daughter who is 14 now baby blanket we still have and now Sophie our dog uses it and it is trashed. I want to throw it out, I keep washing it and it's barely holding up nobody will let me part with it!