Friday, July 31, 2009

Maine or bust...

We are going on a road trip. YIPPEE! On Monday we are leaving for Maine. Bar Harbor to be exact. The best part is we are bringing Stella too!

Bar Harbor is where we went on our honeymoon 28 years ago on August 8th. So we thought we would retrace our adventure. We are stopping in Blue Hill, Maine first to see some friends for 2 nights, then head to Bar Harbor and Arcadia. On our honeymoon, we stayed in a very small cottage, that was perfect for 20 something newlyweds. You know, double bed, tiny tiny bathroom, kitchen sink with gathered fabric around around it, crickets singing you to sleep...
This time around, I think I might prefer the hotel type. Nothing fancy, but they do have a king size bed, and are pet friendly. Perfect!
We are leaving at the crack of dawn on Monday morning, so tomorrow I get packing. I will keep you posted on the scenic pictures from down town and the Arcadia National Park.

Have a great week everyone!!



  1. sounds wonderful......can't wait to see the pics! have a relaxing time!

  2. Sounds just lovely Ronda!! I also look forward to the pictures and stories of your adventures!! xoxo Hugs to little Stella!! Ginger is 9 years old today!!

  3. Oh man...I have always wanted to go there! Have a blast and take lots of pictures of Stella on her road trip. I would be sooooo happy if our dogs were with us on vacation!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Safe travels and have a great time!

  5. Happy Belated Anniversary! I'm a little late on the anniversary wishes. This is neat that Miss S got to go along. Enjoy! xoxo

  6. Happy Anniversary. I want so badly to go to New Hampshire, Maine and Cape Cod. I used to go to NH every summer when I was younger so coming here to your blog always brings back memories. Wonderful memories.