Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cocktail Party Update

Hi everyone. Sorry I have been a no show for awhile. I feel like I have been going non-stop lately. With my family here for a week, and the cocktail party, it has been pretty crazy around here. I hope everyone is having a great summer and doing well. This is my sister Susie from K.C. helping wrap 150 forks in napkins for the party. That was a huge help!

The boys were a big help putting up this big tent! It is not an easy job. Now we just had to get everything set up in time before the guests arrive.

As the guests arrived, they were grazing over all of the appetizers.
My brother-in-law, the chef, prepared 500 steamed clams for his donation to the party. Most of the guests brought an appetizer or a bottle of wine.

Here is hubby giving my sister a smooch.

This is my other brother-in-law, Kelly (Susie's hubby) and neighbor Mike acting as the bartenders. That was their donation to the party. Mike made 3 gallons of Mojito's as another donation. They were a huge hit!

Kelly busy at work. He did a fantastic job!

As you can see, the tent was full and the cocktail party was a success!
The weather was perfect.

Me and my sister talking to more of our neighbors, Pamela and Eddie.

Job well done, thank-you for all of your help Susie. I will miss you!
They flew back to Kansas City yesterday. While she was here, she would not stop doing dishes and laundry--what a huge help. I could get used to that!
I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!



  1. Hi Ronda!! Wow you have been missed! Looks like a good time was had by all but it also took a lot of work. The party looked like a huge success, such excellent preparation and planning!! I see the smiling faces but these parties can take their toll, however, so I hope you will be able to relax and get in the water before you start the next round! A few years ago my family had a cousins reunion at my mom's house in Brielle NJ... your party looks similar.... I must admit I told my mom that if she did another one I would not come to Jersey from Alaska to help. SO MUCH WORK!!!!So the most recent reunions have been catered and not at home thankfully.

    Your sister looks adorable and thanks for including that little darling Stella!!!


  2. Oh I forgot to say that Craig and Amy danced their first dance as husband and wife to Colby Caliat's song Magic.

  3. Hey, I've been out of touch too so I missed your party planning. It looks like a lot of fun and you and your sister both look so pretty. Just looking at your beautiful faces and I can tell you are both such lovely, warm people. Wish I lived closer!!!!

  4. Hi Ronda, First, a belated happy birthday! I hope you had some special time just for yourself amid all your party planning. The cocktail party itself looked wonderful. And all the clams and mojitos?? - fabulous!!! Are you taking a break from all your entertaining or are you gearing up for another one this weekend. I could not keep up with you, girlfriend!! xoxo

  5. Hi, thanks. It was fun. No, I'm not gearing up for anything this week except a road trip next Monday to Maine with my hubby and Stella! It should be nice and relaxing with no entertaining!

  6. Happy Birthday!
    What a great party and it looks like the weather cooperated. You look great and your sis is adorable. enjoy the rest of summer, shouldn't be hard at your Md. paradise!

  7. Looks like a wonderful party with a lot of food, drinks and friends! Thank goodness for sisters. xoxo

  8. OMG.I think I missed the fact you were planning for this and it was your bday!!!!!!! Happy Happy Birthday and what an awesome and amazing party!!!!

    I turn 38 this year and was thinking of having a cocktail party around the pool. Appies and drinks with friends, what more could we want on our bday, right?