Friday, August 14, 2009

Maine part 2

Here are some more pictures of our trip. We are shopping on Main Street in Bar Harbor. Great little town with lots of nice shops.
Sorry once again for being a no-show lately. We have been so busy, and I feel like we are living with a revolving door this summer in Maryland. It's all fun, but not a lot of down time. All of the sudden, work is starting to look good to me in September.

Just couldn't resist getting this picture of John under the sign of "The Man Store" as he holding Stella's pink leash!

We found this great place on the water to stop for lunch.

Very Maine-like, and smelled wonderful! Lots of stuff to look at on the building.

This was the best part about it!! I just knew this was the perfect place to grab some lunch.

It doesn't get any better than this! The food was soooo good!

The next day, we went for a bike ride through Arcadia Park. It was so beautiful.

Another nice view!

We drove around looking for the cottages we stayed at on out honeymoon 28 years ago. We found them! They almost look nicer now, than they did when we stayed here.

This is cottage # 2 where we stayed. Isn't it so cute?

Memories. Maybe someday we will come back. The price's are great here!

Stopped for some BB-Q on our way back to the hotel. Stella really liked the pulled pork and ribs!

This is a beautiful spot. It is called Thunder Hole, also in Arcadia Park.

We had a wonderful trip. Very, very long drive though when you are pulling a motorcycle.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!



  1. Wonderful pictures looks so beautiful there. Love the little cottages.

  2. Lovely pictures Ronda! I can almost smell the briny air near the lobster place. Love the one of your man with dainty little Stella in front of The Man Store!

    And wow you are so busy!! Enjoyable busy I hope!! xoxo

  3. It is good to be busy. Great photos of the trip. I love how Stella could come along and EAT with you. She is so cute and has wonderful table manners. xoxo

  4. Hi Ronda ~ I am just getting around to catch up. I've missed chatting. Your vacation looked wonderful. I haven't been there since my honeymoon almost 26 years ago! I would love to go again. Your pictures have given me the travel bug. The lobster - OMGosh - perfection! Hubby under The Man Store sign with a pink leash speaks volumes. :) You have had quite a summer. How wonderful is your life?? Glad you are going to be back to blogging although that means work accompanies it. xoxo

  5. Wow, it all looks so good, a trip I would love to take. I love restaurants like that!!!!!!!